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Managing Behaviours that Challenge, we offer high quality restraint reduction training and ongoing support from qualified counsellors and life coaches to improve the quality of life for all service users.
Caring about what we do
to reduce restraints for all
Who We Are
Managing Behaviours that Challenge are an organisation that seek to reduce the risks and promote positive safer outcomes wherever there is a potential of conflict or behaviours of concern.
What We Do
Help organisations reduce the risks of workplace violence and behaviour of concern through positive service user engagement, primary, secondary and tertiary intervention that is person centred. This is achieved through outcome focused training designed around the service being provided.
Additionally, we provide Therapeutic Support and Coaching for Staff and Family Carers: We recognise that Carers of individuals who present behaviours that challenge, have a demanding role, potentially leading to an increase in stress, frustration, deterioration, and even burnout. It’s important to prioritise one’s own health and well-being.
How We Do It?
Our provision is BILD ACT Certified training that promotes a person-centred, human rights-based approach to providing compassionate care.
The Counselling and Coaching aspect: One to one sessions with a Counsellor or Coach to discuss the personal impact this support has on you, you will learn to understand what 'coping' styles you’ve adopted, and whether these styles support your own care, exploring your ‘coping’ style and whether it is conducive to the person you are now.

Some of the sectors we work with

Schools & Education
• Special Education Needs & Disabilities • Secondary Education • Colleges & Universities • Early Years & Primary School • Pupil referral units • Residential Schools • Secure Units
Local Government
• Adult Service • Children Services • Housing • Public Services
Social care
• Learning disabilities / difficulties • Mental Health • Substance Misuse • People living with Dementia • Children and Young People
Health care
• Hospitals • Ambulance Services • Primary Care Services
Passenger Transport
• Rail & Metro • Bus & Coach • Air Travel • Maritime Transport
About Us

Let Everyone Know Who We Are

We are an experienced team of experts from a wide range of professional backgrounds, we are a collection of doctors, physiotherapists that work in musculoskeletal assessments, counselors, therapists, residential childcare and adult care workers, service users with lived experiences, teachers, care home managers, trainers in conflict management and physical restraint.

Our training provision can be developed to support staff who work in any sector where conflict and behaviours of concern arise, and solutions need to be put in place to mitigate against any risks that may arise

We all have a common approach that staff and service users should be able to undertake their designated roles that is free from risk and harm. Furthermore, service users’ lives should be enhanced through the services that is provided to them. Our training provisions have been developed to enhance people’s ability to have positive and safer outcomes in situations where conflict or behaviors of concern present a risk.   

All our physical restraint techniques which are only used as a last resort have been risk assessed by doctors, physiotherapists, therapists and counsellors to determine the impact they have on service users physically and psychologically. Our restraint techniques are non-pain compliant in that they will not cause the service users physical pain for the service user and the person applying the restraint.

We aspire to remain at the forefront of best practice and learning and we constantly work hard to raise standards in training effectively in complex risk areas

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